Featuring never seen before 3D models. Reconstructed especially for our story of Nike in the classical period when her temple was built as part of the Periclean building programme on the Acropolis. We reveal Nike as a modern day symbol that inhabits our world. In London Nike is displayed on civic architecture and Royal monuments. Sculptures featuring 'winged victory' are to be found the length and breadth of the UK. Nike appears throughout Europe, Canada USA - indeed worldwide!

Above: the 'nikeisnow' pilot.This 8 minute trailer is an introduction to the forthcoming feature length documentary which has currently started pre-production. We are now hosting our pilot on Vimeo.


About the Pilot

Nike is now - the pilot 'trailer' is the joint production of archaeologist Peter Schultz and project leader John Goodinson. John is also responsible for all the 3D reconstructions that appear in the trailer. We have written our script with a broad audience in mind. Nike is shown in antiquity and today with her relevance throughout European culture, also as 'the' commercial icon for sportswear. Finally our pilot shows the temple of Athena Nike on the Akropolis with the architecture of the Propylaea, Erechtheion and Parthenon seen in relative perspective. Nike's temple may have been small in comparison - but was a masterpiece in sculpture and refinement.