The Erechtheion today is one of the most iconic examples of classcial Greek architecture in the world. This 'masterpiece' - designed and created in the 5th century B.C. has inspired western architecture to copy and repeat many of the buildings motifs. This is especially noticable when the feature is a 'door'.

The attributes of the door of the Erechtheion has appeared on so many civic buildings in western culture in the last 2000 years, it is astonishing. The porch of the maidens is also instantly identifiable worldwide.

Our Gallery of the Erechtheion

The images in the gallery were taken in the last few years when the inner 'covering' behind the porch of the maidens was removed. The renovation work that is still continuing on the Acropolis (by the Acropolis resoration service) means that structural refinements will continue - along with 21st century scaffolding.